Tools For Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization holds the key to a high ranking website on search engines. All websites strive to get their SEO strategies in place so that they scale up in the search rankings while the ones on the top attempt to improve on their existing strategies. The advantages of featuring high on search results are many. Not only does it translate into more traffic for your website but can also become a source of steady income when these casual visitors take an interest in your products and services. There are a number of tools for SEO that are frequently used by SEO professionals.

Tools for search engine optimization include:

Keyword Generator

The content of the website is the pillar on which it stands. The content is enriched by the presence of popular keywords. It is there necessary to search for the right keywords, or phrases for your content to ensure maximum SEO. The content and the HTML tagging of the website has to be formatted to include the keywords, so that the website is tracked by the search engines. The information from it is submitted to the latter and the website is indexed.

SEO Sitemap Creation Tool

The premier search engines like Yahoo and Google make use of "crawlers" to locate web pages and index your content. If your website has been indexed by another search engine, apart from these two, then you do not need to submit information from your web pages to them. The pages will be automatically picked up by both Yahoo and Google. In case of the Open Directory Project and the Yahoo directory, both of these require manual submission of web pages. Google has an entire set of tools titled Google Webmaster Tools for this purpose. It is equipped with a XML Sitemap creation tool so that websites are submitted without the payment of any fee, and that all web pages are tracked.

URL Normalization tools

Tools for SEO marketing also include methods of URL normalization. By this process, the URL is changed and given a standard format so that the crawlers can detect the page. Search engines employ this tool to rule out the possibility of featuring pages with duplicate content. The steps that lead to URL normalization include addition of a trailing slash, conversion of the URL components to lower case, capitalization of alphabets that form a part of the escape sequences, removal of directory indexes, arrangement of the variables in the active pages and many more steps.

SEO Link Building Tools

Link popularity checkers are used to figure out the number of incoming links on a particular webpage. Link building is an important aspect of search engine optimization. Reciprocal links are created on search engines and on article directories so that the traffic can be easily navigated on to your website. With a number of incoming links, the website is likely to be considered as an important resource henceby increasing the credibility of the same. These tools for search engine optimization provide the much needed push to your website rankings.

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