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search engine optimization

Are you sure your resume will be found and read?

Like many other recruiters, whether in-house or from third-party agencies, at ACCUR Recruiting Services, we search resumes most of the time through a "Search Engine" (our internal Resume Management System behind our job board, CareerBuilder, Monster, Linkedin …)

Have you ever heard of Search Engine Optimization for websites? (Meaning: making sure you website appears on top in Google (and others) when someone types specific keywords)

For resume it works the same way, but it is much simpler and everyone is able to do it !!

Search Engine Optimization for a resume does not make it a good one no matter what, but at least makes sure it will be found when a recruiter searches for someone like you. There are not too many options for us when we use a resume database and the type of keywords we enter are always the following:

  • Industry description
  • Type of products or services
  • Group / Company / Brand names
  • Titles
  • Territories (mostly for sales)

The conclusion is that you always should write 1 or 2 lines after each company you worked for explaining the industry and the type of product and service sold. You can also mention the industries you want to work with in the "Objective" section of your resume. Do not hesitate to indicate the clients and suppliers you had, or their industry description, as they will act as additional keywords.

More keywords = More calls from recruiters !!

Example: If you are a Sales Manager at LVMH, L'Oreal, Coty, Estee Lauder or Cartier, you should always mention the description of your company that this is the Luxury Goods or Luxury Product industry. It is even better if you clearly indicated the type of products, whether Fragrances, Cosmetics, Watches, Jewelry, Fashion, etc …

search engine optimization

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