Search Engine Optimization – Article Marketing and SEO

With the invention of search engine optimization a new world of advertising possibilities was created!

Article marketing for example is a form of key word marketing that provides a reader the opportunities to click on various hyperlinked words and be directed to another website to gain more knowledge or view products. Article marketing and its impact on SEO has been both negative and positive. SEO is a way that search engines perform pagerankings of websites.

Those websites that use Article marketing are more likely to have more clicks and visitors then those sites that do not use it. I am not saying that that it is a guaranteed form of advertising, but it does generate traffic by reaching a larger audience. For one, searches are seeking information and if you site pertains or could aid in information or you could benefit for the information they received because not use article marketing to generate more traffic and promote your site.

The negative result is that it has caused those that do not use article marketing in SEO to not be higher up in the pagerankings. Is that fair? Maybe it's not fair, but it's a marketing strategy. When marketing anything you should use all the tools at your disposal and in the Internet world one tool is article marketing.

Those sites who use article marketing are reaping the positive rewards of article marketing but since SEO is a from keyword searches, does that mean that they should be higher in the page rankings when they were not actually searched and found? Each search engine provides a set of "rules" that they apply by and as long as you follow that article marketing can benefit you.

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