Search Engine Optimization

search engine optimization

Search engines can deliver the most amount of traffic to your website, because of that it is very important to take your time to analyze and optimize your websites ranking in search engines, but there are other ways to get more traffic to your website (internet marketing) ) which I will discuss in later articles.
Meta Tags

Meta tags are very important in search engine optimization, without important meta tags like keywords and description, there is a big chance you will even be listed on the first two pages.

Meta tags should be within the head tags of your document and have the following syntax (without the first space):


Keywords are the most important in whole seo-world, without them, say goodbye to a successful ranking in search engines. Choosing and optimizing keywords is not easy as most people think. You have to now your target audience and what keywords will be searched for, it is very important that your content contains your main keywords atleast five to even ten times. Try asking serveral visitors if they found your site via a search engine, if so, ask them what keyword they searched for. They keyword that is the most popular for your website should get the most optimization.

When your done choosing your keywords and when you know wich of them are the most important, we can move on the more a little bit more technical work. The most important keywords (and the one that are the most in your content) should be placed in the beginning of your keyword-list. Then the less important keywords follow (all separated by commas). Also remember, also include other spellings, synonyms and keywords with and without spaces between words than can be written like both. You should atleast have about 15-20 unique keywords.


The description of your website is also very important but I'm not going to cover it in depth. A good description should contain a minimum of 30-35 words, about 5 of them (minimum) should be keywords. Also make sure your description reflects your content and tells exactly what your website is about. The same tips as for keywords, try using a lot of synonyms and lists of keywords.


The subject is usually one sentence wich represents your sites entire content. Again, try using keywords in it. This is not used very much be can make improvement for your ranking.


States your company name and year (s) of foundation. Not very important for search engine optisation.


The page creator. Not very important for search engine optimization.


The language of the webpage, used when people search local (country / language-based) with a search engine, only webpages that match the searched language will be shown.

Title Tag

The most made mistake is putting only your company name in your title, that way, your ranking will only be optimized for your company name. Nobody will search your company name in a search engine, if they now it, they would directly go to your URL. To get the best ranking you should have page titles depending on your content, like an article name, etc followed by your company / website name and atleast three keywords.


Having search engine friendly URLs is very important because a lot of search engine just dont index dynamic URLs like []. If you want to learn how to make search engine friendly URL, please visit my tutorial about it. Remember, when making search engine friendly URLs, do not base your URLs on an id like [], but use their full name like [http: //www.jochenvandevelde. com / tutorials / search-engine-friendly-urls]. Then, when people search for search engine friendly URLs, your site will be ranked higher because the keywords are in your URL.

search engine optimization

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